Customer Counting

High accuracy, low cost customer counters that use wireless technology to minimize installation and maintenance costs. These include People counting, Vehicle Counting and WIFI analytics.

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Our web based dashboard reporting platform can integrate your customer counting analytics with other data sources and provide remote access to real-time information with comparisons across portfolios.

System Health

Our real-time management platform will monitor the health of your sensors and alert you to any power, hardware, blockages or tampering issues thereby ensuring peace of mind and accurate counts.

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Customer numbers on their own provide little return on investment. Using customer numbers to understand and influence what happens at the customer interface, where yields are generated, provides a ROI.

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Accu-Count Sensors

Accu-Count was engineered to be the lowest cost camera based customer counting system without compromising accuracy, and it is. It features:

  • Occupancy and Dwell time stats via directional counts
  • Tested at 98%+ accuracy at 3500 movements per hour per sensor at an entrance with remote verification facility
  • Wireless GSM and POE Plug and play
  • Dual 90 degree wide angle lens camera system
  • The latest height perception technology to filter children and trolleys
  • unaffected by shadows with equal accuracy in direct sunlight and pitch darkness (0 LUX)
  • can count people, vehicles and collect WIFI MAC addresses
  • Count management software
  • System health alerts


Accumen Reports is an easy-to-use, dashboard based reporting tool that can integrate information from multiple data sources into consolidated reports in real-time to provide ‘a single version of truth’ . It features:

  • client specific dashboards to promote standardised reports and reduce time taken to generate management reports.
  • multiple user access to centrally held data on a permission basis. Users can be mall owners, managing agents, mall managers and retailers.
  • data can be presented in stat widgets, tables with heatmaps, graphs and colour coded layout or geographical diagrams.
  • benchmarking support across managing agents, portfolios, malls, tenant categories and individual tenants.

Return on investment

Access to customer numbers at a retailer level offers significant opportunities to increase m² yields, which will provide a return on the investment in counting customers at a retailer level.

Customer numbers influence the ideal size, rental value and sales potential of retail premises. Actual retailer sales are a function of the percentage of passing customers that retailers attract into their stores (capture rate), the percentage of customers in their stores that they convert into transactions (conversion rate) and the average value of each transaction.

Yield improvements and a ROI is derived from measuring and managing the customer based variables that impact directly on sales and rentals. 

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